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HOW TO: Turn Some Made-Up Bullshit Into A Definitive Expert Blog Post


I may be tipping my hand here, and letting you go a little too deep inside my bag of strat tricks, but I want to talk about a powerful tactic for making something viral out of nothing.

One of the great things about the power of the social web is that you can pretty just make up whatever bullshit you want, and if presented properly (ie, on a blog with decent traffic), people will not only accept it as truth, but repeat it for you across the Net, ad infinitum (that’s Latin for “a lot”).

Some of my favorite tech and social media blogs have created an entire cottage industry out of the Strat Secrets I’m about to drop on you, so get ready to deep dive into a pretty serious data dump.

1. Make Up Some Bullshit That Will Drive a Provocative Headline

It doesn’t really matter what kind of bullshit you make up, so much as it portends to provide people with an insight or answer to something that is patently unexplainable, such as how the Internet actually works. The more insane/idiotic your theoretical headline sounds, the better, because people will be so confused by the ludicrousness of what you’re suggesting that they’ll simply have to click the link to find out more. Bonus points if you can tie it onto some kind of pop culture keyword that will drive great SEO (ie, “HOW TO: Use Your iPhone 4 to Become the Justin Bieber of Foursquare”).

2. Put Your Made-Up Bullshit Into the Context of an Authoritative “How To” Guide, Like You’re THE Expert

Leveraging a few simple formatting tricks to present information to people as some kind of expert step-by-step guide they should actually be following (as opposed to just some bullshit you made up) really gives your blog post a gravity that regular words and paragraphs just can’t provide. Utilizing this simple editorial tool, you can literally become the Expert of Everything. Try it!

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